Beers, Bikes, and Babes - Always a Winning Combo

Well, it's been a couple weeks since our inaugural BB&B happy hour over at the Oakshire Public House, but forgive the lateness on a recap. Spring Break followed hot on its heels, complete with sunshine (as long as you got out of the state) and tons of saddle time.

Around 40 women came out to celebrate bikes and meet other like-minded ladies. As it turns out, there is a great need in the South Valley for women to have an outlet for connecting and organizing. The one thing we heard over and over was "I had no idea so many women rode around here." The close second was "I ride with a bunch of old dudes but it's lame, maybe we should ride together instead?"

The afternoon felt almost like a cyclist's speed-dating event, as phone numbers were exchanged and facebook accounts were connected. We gave away chamois cream samples to nearly everyone who came, and raffled off prizes from our amazing sponsors every 15 minutes. The prize table was so stacked, we're pretty sure 3/4 of the crowd went home with some goodies. Joe worked his magic with the brand new ReTul saddle fitter, letting everyone in attendance know what size their sit bones were in order to guide them in future saddle purchases. The guys from Ding Ding cycles fixed up several bikes, and even tuned the suspension of mountain bikes that people brought. 

We called the party a smashing success! So good, we plan to have another meet up in June. Have any of you wanted to get into BIKE PACKING?? Or maybe you've done a bit, and you're looking for some new route ideas? Well, keep your eyes peeled, because in early June we'll be hosting the 2nd BB&B event focused especially on overnighting by bike! Our ladies have a lot of experience, here in Oregon and beyond. We'll bring our own expertise and call in a few friends to help as well. We really hope to see you all there again!


Beers, Bikes, and Babes - Get Your Butt in Gear

Have you ever suffered from the discomfort of bad saddle fit? Does your rear end scream at you to give it some rest after a couple hours on the bike? Do your nether regions feel constantly smashed and angry midway through your basemiles season? Then join us March 18 from 4-6PM at the Oakshire Public House in Eugene, OR, for a happy hour saddle fitting and chamois testing event!

We'll have expert bike fitter Joe Holcomb from West End Bikes on hand with a brand new ReTul Digital Sitbone Device, designed to target the perfect saddle for your specific anatomy. Plus, we'll have a variety of complete size runs of woman specific mountain bike and road shorts, chamois and more from Qloom, Cuore, Showers Pass, and others, so you can find the perfect padding/saddle combo for any of your favorite ride. 

Bring your bike along! We are setting up stationary trainers for your use, to give you a chance to actually sit on a saddle and see how it feels in action. And since it's at Oakshire, there will be amazing beer at special pricing, and plenty of swag from Zealios skin care (think chamois cream), Rolf Prima, and Specialized. It's a great chance to meet the ladies of our team in person, chat about what we're up to, and find some great new gear to keep your ass happy all season long.

Christmas Giving

Our team is pairing up with the Hammer Velo team as well as other cycling teams in the Portland area to raise money for Doernbecher Families in need for the Holiday season.  On December 19th we will be delivering all of the family bundles by bike, so be on the lookout for Santa-hat clad cyclists around Portland on that day!  We are so excited to be able to help these families and to be included in a special part of the Holiday season where we can give back to the community.

We have a link up here where you can donate to the cause. All money donated will go directly to the families and getting them the things they need for the holiday season.  We thank you for your generosity and donations and wish you all a happy holiday season!  



Adventures of WCWC

This summer has been wild and crazy and the ladies of WCWC have been adventuring all over Oregon and beyond.  We have had ladies on the track at Alpenrose, competing in the OBRA Hillclimb championships as well as just general outdoor adventures including mountain biking the Lewis River and Mackenzie River areas.  We have had some podiums, had some fun and definitely some bumps and bruises! We are especially excited to get ramped up for CX season!  Stay tuned for more info on the Type2Fun we'll be having in the dirt and mud this Fall!


2015 Road Season!

Hey all you lovely ladies!  We are currently looking to add development and elite riders to our squad for the 2015 Road Season.  As mentioned on our "About WCWC" page, we strive to find a good fit for riders and mentors alike so we do have a "get to know you" process to see if we'd be a good match for both of us (WCWC and you), but don't hesitate to reach out!  Just fill out the form on the "Stay Connected" page and we'll get right back to you!

- Karey  (Team Director) 

Cherry Pie Road Race - 2014

Cherry Pie Road Race - 2014