Get on your bike.

Gravel. Cross. Mountain biking. Bikepacking. Road.
Track. Time trials. Touring. ENDURO. Crits. 

West Coast Women's Cycling (WCWC) is a casually competitive, fiercely ambitious bike team for women. Originally founded in 2011 as an elite road racing team, WCWC has embraced the dirt and evolved into a community of women who support each other in pursuing their goals across many disciplines. From rock gardens to the road, we ride together and challenge each other to be strong and go far. 


Our Mission

Our mission is two-fold: to create a positive environment where women can share the experience of challenging themselves and working towards their goals, and to pass the joy of cycling on to others through community engagement and volunteerism.

West Coast women support one another both on and off the bike. We encourage each other to dream big and train hard. And we share our passion for what we do through volunteering, community outreach events, and social media, inspiring others to get out and seek adventure and accomplishment by bike.

We understand the power that comes from setting and achieving goals, and the confidence that can be built through athletic and outdoor badassery. We want all people to feel the joy that the bike can bring–especially those groups which have been left out of the outdoor sports juggernaut in the past. 


A few things on our calendar

  • Clinics and group rides for women who want to gain skill and fitness on trail and road

  • Support of NICA Oregon League - coaching, volunteering, and fund-raising

  • Riding the Annapurna Circuit to support the Ladies Mountain League of Nepal

  • Support and participation in racing cyclocross, cross country, and enduro

  • Bikepacking the Baja Divide and the Oregon Timber Trail

  • MTB travel to BC, Utah, Sedona, and beyond

WCWC uses an inclusive definition of "woman" and we warmly welcome trans women, genderqueer women & non-binary people who identify as women in a significant way.